• Engineering & Industrialization

At Cero, we have been given the challenging task of adapting the KTM 790 platform to fit the magnificent design of the Husqvarna Norden. This involves seamlessly integrating all exclusive metal and plastic parts. We utilize a comprehensive range of skills, including benchmarking, layout planning, geometry precision, kinematics analysis, feasibility studies, and the creation of concept mules. Our engineering expertise spans 3D modeling, 2D drawings, FEA simulation, and prototyping, while our industrialization capabilities ensure efficient processes, rigorous quality control, and exceptional technical service.

To achieve this, we employ advanced tools such as PTC CREO for detailed CAD modeling, WINDCHILL for effective product lifecycle management, SIMCENTER for performance optimization, and ABAQUS for structural analysis. Our workshop is equipped with precision CNC machines and facilities for prototyping and assembly. These tools and techniques ensure that every part is crafted with precision and integrated seamlessly into the final product, maintaining the high standards expected by Husqvarna.