We Do

We convert ideas into Beautiful, Light and Engaging experiences, walking all the way along with our clients, from the concept research to the finished product




We help you to accomplish your vision.

Together we research the state of the art and work out the roadmap for the development of new products, ensuring the best product-market fit




We explore new concepts and ideas combining style and technology.

We look for beautiful, light and engaging designs, always keeping focus on the functional aspects and the required features




We do the work that demands more brain power: engineering and simulation. We do it with the support of cutting edge drawing and simulation CAD tools. As part of our integral solution, we prove all we make




All the design and engineering is made with industrialization in mind. Prototyping assures there won’t be surprises when producing at scale.

With us, improve time to market with no added risks


Creating Things that Matters

Chasing the Balance

The best design is always about finding the right balance between Technic and Art, Function and Emotion, Cost and Quality. Not easy, right? This can only be achieved with talented, multidisciplinary and passionate teams working under the same roof and equipped with the latest technology.

Defining the Style

In CERO we have years of combined experience in turning Ideas into Beautiful, Light and Engaging concepts. We start with the initial sketches and draw up all the surfaces and physical scale models built on clay, foam or wood.

User Centered

User experience is at the heart of any design decision. Ergonomic and Usability studies are paramount. Market trends, emerging technologies and your brand identity are other key aspects considered during the product conceptualization.

Product Finish

We go up to the last details: colors, graphics, trims and haptics. The overall look and feel are aligned with the brand message.

CERO is the way.

Let’s create something that matters!



The Team to Trust

The foundation of a great product is laid early on, during the product Conception phase, but after the creative task, the hard work of turning the concept into a reality starts. Complex projects require thousands of hours of mechanical engineering. With CERO you’ll have a large and experienced team available to go with you all the way, from the design sketches to a fully engineered product.

Multidisciplinary Concurrent Engineering

In CERO designers, engineers, testers, simulators, material experts and project managers team up, making seamless and efficient optimization loops happen. With CERO Concurrent Engineering is made a reality.

From the Surface to the Insides

We work with cutting-edge CAD partners as PTC, SIEMENS and ANSYS, among others. When required, CERO can go beyond the drawing desk and build the physical Prototypes.

Comprehensive Solutions

We work out the most suitable materials and manufacturing processes. Prototypes are validated by competent testers. This holistic approach gives our clients a huge advantage. You're assured all decisions are taken having on mind the technical feasibility, its industrialization and the overall costs.

Time to Market Constrains?

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Cutting Edge Technology

The more talented and clever teams cannot perform to the best of their skills without the right tools. CERO knows it and has invested for many years in people and technology. Today we have in-house capabilities for CFD, Structural and Composite Analysis. Virtual simulations are cost effective. Many problems are discovered during the first development phases much in advance of making prototypes.

Structural Analysis

This is a mature speciality. Nowadays any advanced product is going through it. Linear and Non-Linear analysis are essential tasks of our simulation team. It allows us developing structures with the maximum stability, optimal stiffness and minimum weight.

Composite Simulation

CERO’s DNA is made of Carbon Fibre. We are experts in Lightweight development so layer by layer Composite Simulation is a must for us.

CFD Analysis

This simulation is relevant for any product that flows or handles a fluid flow. It started in the Transportation Industry but today is applied to many different sectors like Sporting Goods, Ventilation, and Electronic Devices, among others.

Is Yours an Advanced Design?

Let’s simulate it together!



Composites Prototyping

We can make Carbon Fibre prototypes using any of the technologies leading the way: Prepreg and C-SMC. With the leading of our expert staff, we develop and make moulds and parts in-house.

Validating Prototypes

We test all we make. We do our lab and field tests with added instrumentation. This way we gather measurable real-life data. This data is passed to the engineering teams to further optimize the design. This is the learning loop that allows CERO to grow its skills and improve the accuracy of further simulations.

Light Weight

In CERO, we’re experts in lightweight design and engineering, and we go up to the end with it, making the lightest possible prototypes.


Our facilities are equipped with state of the art machine tools:
  • · 5 Axis CNC Milling Machine
  • · 3 Axis CNC Machine for moulds
  • · 150T SMC Press
  • · CNC Composite Ply Cutter
  • · Carbon Fibre Workshop
  • · Painting Booth
  • · Fully equipped Testing Lab



From CERO to End

We are pleased to share our knowledge with you. We have many areas of expertise. We do consultancy, ranging from Brand Strategy, Benchmarking, Product Conceptualization and Innovation Roadmap, up to harder topics like Lightweight Engineering and Feasibility Studies.

Teaming Up

Working hand in hand with your Product Managers, Marketing and R&D teams, we work out what's the best solution adapted to your requirements.

Light Weight Consulting

Our expertise in Lightweight development allows us to evaluate the introduction of new materials and processes to your projects, both from a technical and an economic perspective.

Solid Experience

With more than 15 years working with industry leaders, we are still a young company, with a deep and solid background.

Are You Ready to Learn?

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