At CERO we worked on the 2020 KTM MotoGP bike, developing some structural carbon fiber parts that we cannot disclose at this stage. We handle the entire process in-house, including concept development, engineering, layup, simulation, and manufacturing of these parts.

We leverage a wide range of skills and tools to ensure the highest quality:


Concept: Our team excels in benchmarking, feasibility studies, concept creation, and prototype testing to ensure the viability and performance of the parts.


Engineering: We utilize advanced 3D modeling, 2D drawings, FEA simulations, and precise carbon lay-up definitions to create accurate prototypes.


Manufacturing: Our in-house capabilities include mold design, mold manufacturing, plybook definition, and the production of high-quality parts.


To achieve this, we employ cutting-edge software such as PTC CREO, WINDCHILL, SIMCENTER, ABAQUS, HYPERWORKS, and STARCCM+. Our workshop is equipped with a curing oven, painting booth, and facilities for benchmarking and lab testing, ensuring that every part meets the stringent requirements of MotoGP competition.