• Design & Engineering

The Self-cleaning Toilet is the only system that completely automatically cleans and disinfects the WC and its surrounding space. It’s the most advanced, clean and hygienic solution in public toilets.


It has a fully mechanized and automated basic structure, with its corresponding side and front panels and floor system, and is ready to be installed quickly and easily.


Designed in such a way that several modules can be combined in different numbers and arrangements depending on the application requirements.

The possibilities include adapting existing toilets, creating new installations or providing outdoor or indoor booths for completely autonomous operation.


NIU provides a sustainable and flexible design with unique features to meet the customer specific requirements.
Can be customized with a wide range of finishes and accessories to suit any surrounding environment: public buildings such as schools, hospitals, libraries, shopping centers or restaurant chains; airports, train and metro stations, service areas, urban green spaces and nature reserves.