• Design & Engineering

The Ultimate Enduro Weapon.

We are proud of being behind Intense’s latest addition to its lineup of carbon mountain bikes: the 2nd Generation carbon TRACER. Three years in the making, the new Tracer has big shoes to fill.


Geometry and Kinematics

This bike offers up a modern trail geometry, with longer reach for a more confidence-inspiring ride. The JS Tuned suspension “enduro link” has been fully developed inhouse, offers longer links (including a carbon upper link) to optimize leverage curve, axle path and overall performance, to make the Tracer an uncompromising enduro race machine. Several prototypes were built and intensively tested to validate the new kinematics.

Sketching and Detailed Design

After an extensive benchmarking and several rider insights studies, the sketching phase started with the side view exploration to find clear and dynamic frame lines. Starting from the current model design, the team worked to add more tension to the lines, to create an iconic top tube to seat tube connection and to propose a totally new symmetric swing arm design.


Modelling & development

The main goal was to maintain the design intention and dynamism of the key sketches. The initial 3D modelling helped us to speed up the development process while refining the main parts proportions.