• Design, Engineering, Simulation & Production

UNNO bikes are fully designed, engineered and manufactured internally at CERO, being a living lab to explore and implement cutting-edge technologies. We are not a manufacturing facility, but as an exception, we make a very low volume production for the UNNO brand. Our own expression.


Because when making bikes at home, things work differently, at a different pace, with other standards. We believe to produce the most exclusive mountain bike in the world, everything must be made in-house. Part by part. The team bring their ideas, hands and hard work to immerse themselves in creating a thing as passionate as a bike.


The process is 100% under control. Every frame goes through extensive Simulations, Prototyping and Testing, in the lab and on the field.

Mules are made to validate the Geometry and Kinematics. First Run prototypes assure the desired surface finishing, structural properties and reliability, are achieved.


We do Carbon Structural simulation layer by layer. Fluids simulation for aerodynamics. Lab testing for fatigue, stiffness and impact. Field testing with data recording and strain gauges. The research loop is then closed, updating the simulation settings, to keep improving the correlation between the physical and virtual worlds.


There’s more behind a UNNO frame than a serial number. There are years of challenging work, endless hours of dedication, thousands of kilometres and an obsessive seek for quality. That’s why UNNO makes its frames starting from CERO.